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The Hong Kong Society of Nephrology was established since 1979. It is a non-profit making professional organization consisting of doctors, nurses and other allied health staff who are interested in renal diseases.


2016 NewsLetter
Interhospital Meetings

The Inter-Hospital Meetings aims to share interesting cases among nephrologists in the territory and were held on Wednesday evenings on a regular basis at the Lecture Theatre, M Block, Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The inter-hospital meeting presentation during October to December 2016 were as follows:


12 October  2016 (Wednesday)

1.  A Collateral Damage (Dr. Gordon Chan & Prof. CC Szeto  (PWH)

2.  A boy with fever, hypertension & impaired renal function (Drs.  Andy Kwok, Roanna Yeung & Alvin Hui (QEH/HKPNS))


9 November 2016 (Wednesday)

1.  "To list or not to list - that's the question" (Drs. Dorothy Kwok & SK Yuen (CMC))

2. ”Window to the Soul"  (Drs. Will Pak & Chun-hay Tam (UCH))


 23 November 2016 (Wednesday)

1. "An Old Woman with Lots of Auto-antibodies" (Drs. Julia ZHANG & Pearl PAI (QMH))

2. "Let's Try Something Else" (Drs. CK WAN & Steve WONG (AHNH))


7 December 7 2016 (Wednesday)

1.  "A man with living related transplantation" (Drs. CS Yeung & CY Cheung (QEH))