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The Hong Kong Society of Nephrology was established since 1979. It is a non-profit making professional organization consisting of doctors, nurses and other allied health staff who are interested in renal diseases.


2016 NewsLetter
Annual Scientific and General Meeting 2016 

The Annual Scientific and General Meetings 2016 were held in the Kowloon Shangri-la Hotel on 2 October 2016. Dr. KS Choi presented the Chairman’s Report on the activities of our Society in 2015-2016. The Financial Report 2015-2016 was reported by Honorary Treasurer Dr. YL Cheng. The Chairman’s and the Financial reports were all well received by members of our Society. The Richard Yu Endowment Fund Award Lecture was delivered by Prof. Adeera Levin and the Chan Woon Cheung Memorial Fund Award Lecture was delivered Prof. Joseph V. Bonventre.


AGM 2016 and full members of HKSN


During the AGM, the Council Members 2016-2017 were also elected as follows:

Prof. Tang Chi Wai, Sydney

Honorary Secretary:
Dr. Cheng Yuk Lun

Honorary Treasurer:
Dr. Tang Hon Lok



Council Members:
Dr. Cheung Siu Fai
Dr. Chow Chik Cheung, Vincent
Prof. Kwan Ching Ha, Bonnie
Dr. Wong Sze Ho, Sunny
Dr. Yap Yat Hin, Desmond
Dr. Yung Chun Yu
Dr. Choi Koon Shing, Andres (ex-officio)
Dr. Chan Yiu Han (co-opt)
Dr. Fung Ka Shun, Samuel (co-opt)
Prof. Li Kam Tao, Philip (co-opt)
Dr. Mak Siu Ka (co-opt)
Dr. Tong Kwok Lung, Matthew (co-opt)
Dr. Yip Pok Siu, Terence (co-opt)


Council members and the Chairman (right 6th)


The Council members with our senior advisor Prof. Richard Yu (left 9th) and advisors of our Society



Prof. Adeera Levin


Prof. Joseph Bonventre



The awardees of the previous HKSN Research Grants gave the presentations of the findings during the HKSN ASM 2016. The presentations are as follows:

  1. Validating a novel serum calcification propensity test for vascular/valvular calcification and adverse clinical outcomes prediction in a retrospective chronic kidney disease cohort by Dr. Angela Wang
  2. The functional role of KRIT1 in oxidative stress during diabetic nephropathy by Dr. Arthur CK Chung
  3. A pilot study to evaluate the efficacy of total parathyroidectomy with forearm autografting in retarding vascular calcification and improving arterial stiffening and bone mineral densit in end-stage renal disease patieents by Dr. Brian HH Lang
  4. The Efficacy of Managing Fluid Overload in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients by a sructured Nurse-led intervention Protocol by Ms. Law Man Ching
 2016nl_27.jpg  2016nl_28.jpg

Dr. Angela Wang

Dr. Arthur CK Chung

 2016nl_29.jpg  2016nl_30.jpg

Dr. Brian Lang

Ms. Law Man Ching

During the meeting, the HKSN Research Grant and HKJN manuscript awards were also presented.

HKSN Research Grant (HKSNRG)

Prof. Mark Lambie (UK), Prof. Bak Leong Goh (Malaysia) served as our external reviewer while Dr. Yung Chun Yu (Hong Kong) and Dr. Yeung Shing (Hong Kong) served as our local reviewer of the HKSN Research Grant 2016. The HKSN 35th Anniversary Research Fund was awarded to Dr. Maggie Ma of Queen Mary Hospital. The list of recipients of the HKSNRG were as follows:

Dr. Liu Yang (QMH/HKU)
Project title: Exploring the therapeutic mechanisms of mesenchymal stem cells for diabetic podocyte injury: involvement of the ERK1/2 signaling pathway

Dr. Yiu Wai Hang (QMH/HKU)
Project title: Does complement play a pathogenetic role in diabetic nephropathy?

Dr. Li John Wing (QEH)
Project title: Wearable physical activity tracking device (Fitbit) improved the muscle strength, endurance, quality of life and exercise motivation of home dialysis population in Hong Kong – A single center study

HKSN 35th Anniversary Research Fund

The HKSN 35th Anniversary Research Fund was set up to promote Society-led, multi-center collaborative clinical research in nephrology for Hong Kong. The research fund was awarded to Dr. Maggie Ma Kam Man (Queen Mary Hospital) for her project titled “Cost-effectiveness analysis of staged screening of BK virus-associated nephropathy using urine cytology and serum quantitative polymerase chain reaction”.


Hong Kong Journal of Nephrology (HKJN) Award

The HKJN Award was a newly established award to promote local research and manuscript submission to the Hong Kong Journal of Nephrology. The best original/review articles as well as manuscripts arising from inter-hospital meetings submitted during 2016 were selected. The recipients of the Awards were as follows:

Original Article Award: Dr. Kwok Wing Hang Dorothy
“Outcomes in elderly patients with End-stage renal disease: Comparison of renal replacement therapy and conservative management”

Brief review for Inter-hospital Renal Meetings Award: Dr. Cheng Hing Ming
“A peritoneal dialysis patient with osmotic demyelination syndrome”

 2016nl_31.jpg  2016nl_32.jpg

Dr. Desmond Y. H. YAP

Dr. CK Lam

 2016nl_34.jpg  2016nl_35.jpg

Hong Kong Renal Registry and the latest report by Dr. CB Leung

Closing Remark by Prof. Sydney Tang