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The Hong Kong Society of Nephrology was established since 1979. It is a non-profit making professional organization consisting of doctors, nurses and other allied health staff who are interested in renal diseases.

What we do

Chairman’s Message

Dear Members,

I am honored to have been re-elected your Chairman at the AGM 2017, and I am pleased that the entire Council has also been re-elected en bloc. Thank you for your trust on us all and for your staunch support of the Society’s events over the past one year.

The first Council Meeting was held on 7 Nov 2017 to plan the activities ahead.

Council photo 

From left to right
Second row: Vincent Chow, Chun Yu Yung, Bonnie Kwan, Siu Ka Mak, Siu Fai Cheung, Terence Yip, John Chan
Front row: Sunny Wong, Samuel Fung, Andrew Choi, Yuk Lun Cheng, Sydney Tang, Hon Lok Tang, Philip Li, Matthew Tong, Desmond Yap

Let me highlight some of the activities planned for 2018, so you can pencil down the dates on your diary. First, the bi-monthly Interhospital Meeting roster has been finalized by Dr. John Chan and uploaded to the Society’s website. The HA commissioned Training will be held on 13-14 Jan 2018 and Dr. Samuel Fung and his team at PMH have carved a program with the theme “The New Era in Home Hemodialysis”. An evening lecture on Practical Recommendations for Long-term Management of Modifiable Risks in Kidney and Liver Transplant Recipients co-organized with the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation will be held on 8 Jan 2018.  The 13th WKD @ HK will be held on 4 March 2018 in Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, with the theme Kidneys & Women’s Health: Include, Value, Empower. Call for applications for the Hong Kong Society of Nephrology Research Grants will roll out in May 2018, and they will be handled by Dr. SK Mak. The annual Gateball fun day will be held on 10 June 2018 in Kowloon Park Indoor Sports Centre, and it will be coordinated by Dr Terence Yip. Riding on the overwhelming attendance of the GN Symposium held earlier this year, the Education Committee (comprising Drs YL Cheng, HL Tang, CY Yung, Desmond Yap and myself) is actively engaged in building another Educational Symposium, tentatively to be held on 7 July 2018. Our second CME Course in partnership with the Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology will be held on 29 September 2018. The Annual Scientific Meeting cum Annual General Meeting will be held on 30 September 2018.

New applications for membership can be emailed to and they will be handled by Dr. Bonnie Kwan.  Applications for sponsorship to attend overseas educational conferences that are posted on the Society’s sponsorship website should be emailed at least 28 days prior to the start of the conference to and they will be handled by Dr. Vincent Chow.

Congratulations to Dr. Samuel Fung for being elected Executive Committee Member of the Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong (FMSHK) on 23 Nov 2017.

Last but not least, I would like to call upon your continued support of our events in 2018. To further enhance communication and dissemination of society news, we will launch a Facebook page from 2018, and we hope you can follow the page and stay tuned. The Society’s webpage will also be regularly updated by Dr. Desmond Yap. For now, you can browse the latest Newsletter here.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sydney Tang


Chairman’s Report

Dear Members

It gives me great pleasure and honour to have served the Society as Chairman over the past one year. Thank you for your trust and active participation in the various events held during this period. I am particularly grateful for the unflagging support and precious advice from our Senior Advisor and all Executive Committee Members during my term of office.

Let me report to you some of the changes that have been implemented:

  1. Electronic Newsletter: this 4-monthly online newsletter serves to strengthen our communication by actively updating you of recently held and upcoming events. It is vested with hyperlinks that bring you directly to event photographs, educational materials, and other information. Needless to say, it is cost-saving and environmentally friendly. The newsletter is prepared by Dr Desmond Yap, Dr Yuk Lun Cheng and myself, and I hope you have enjoyed reading them;
  2. HKSN Secretariat: due to the increasing complexity of Society events and workload of individual council members who used to perform all the duties on a pro bono basis, we have engaged a central secretariat service from ICC (International Conference Consultants Ltd.) to help coordinate our activities at a reasonable cost;
  3. CME Course: for the very first time, we have held a CME pre-course in association with the Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology (APSN) and in partnership with the Hong Kong College of Physicians at the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, to enrich the educational content of our Annual Meeting and to attract physicians or trainees beyond nephrology to participate. And for the first time, we have co-sponsored with the APSN more than 20 nephrology trainees from low-to-middle income countries (LMICs) in this region and one from Australia to benefit from this initiative and to enhance multicultural interaction;
  4. Venue and Structure of the Annual Meeting: you would already have realized that the bigger venue you are now in is different from that over the last 10 years. This stems from the fact that we have expanded our ASM to include trainees from LMICs, guests from the APSN, and speakers from Vancouver in the first-ever HKSN-British Columbia Provincial Renal Agency (BCPRA) Joint Symposium that is about to unfold this afternoon. All these are of course in addition to our Richard Yu Endowment Fund and Chan Woon Cheung Memorial Fund Awardees from Australia and the USA, respectively, making our ASM a multi-national platform for knowledge exchange. In addition, we have added a young fellow showcase section to widen the spectrum of speakers at this ASM.

Let me also recount some of the landmark activities that took place over this past year:

Educational Activities

Interhospital Meetings: The inter-hospital renal meeting continues to be an important and regular educational activity of the society. The meeting is now held in Queen Elizabeth Hospital twice a month. All the renal units of the Hospital Authority participate in the meeting with renal fellows of the different renal units take turn to present and discuss interesting nephrology cases. The Hong Kong Paediatirc Nephrology Society and The Macau Society of Nephrology are also invited to participate and to present cases in some of our meetings. Presentation materials were uploaded to the society website. In 2017, we have a total of 16 inter-hospital renal meetings. The coordinators of this year meeting are: Dr. John YH CHAN, Dr. Bonnie KWAN and Dr. Terence YIP. All the meetings were well attended by our members.

The Hospital Authority Central Commissioned Training (Renal) 2016/17 with the theme “Improving the Outcome of Renal graft: From Good to Great” took place on 21 January 2017 at the HKEC Training Centre for Healthcare Management & Clinical Technology and on 22 January 2017 at the Auditorium of Prince of Wales Hospital. It is organized by the Central Renal Committee and Hospital Authority. Co-organizers were Hong Kong Society of Nephrology, Hong Kong Kidney Foundation and Hong Kong Society of Transplantation. Prof Peter NICKERSON from the University of Manitoba of Canada and Prof Christophe LEGENDRE from the Necker Hospital of France were invited overseas speakers. The Opening Address was delivered by Dr WL CHEUNG, Director (Cluster Services), Hospital Authority and Prof Philip LI. The training was well attended and received by a total of 334 members and healthcare professionals, thanks for the excellent coordination by Dr. CC CHOW and the renal team of PYNEH.

Industry-driven Symposia: A Peritoneal Dialysis Symposium with Prof Roberto PECOITS-FILHO (Brazil) as the overseas speaker in addition other local speakers was held on 26 Mar 2017, and attended by 136 members. A Scientific Symposium on Nutritional Management in CKD with Prof Der-Cherng TARNG (Taiwan) and Dr. Liliana GARNEATA (Romania) as keynote speakers was held on 12 April 2017 and attended by 130 participants. A Hemodialysis Symposium with Prof Laurent JUILLARD (France) as the keynote speaker focusing on a novel hemodialysis membrane was held on 30 Aug 2017 and attended by 155 members. Presentation materials were uploaded to the society website.

Special Lecture:  CUHK LKEC Visiting Prof Stuart Shankland (USA) delivered a special lecture Updates on FSGS to members on 14 December 2016 at the G/F Lecture Theatre, M Block, Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

An HKSN-led GN Symposium took place on 8 July 2017 in Marco Polo HK Hotel. We were very blessed indeed to have had a full-house attendance from you all to witness 6 world-class lectures delivered by Prof Peter MATHIESON on membranous nephropathy, Prof Fan Fan HOU (GZ) on CKD in China and the impact of air pollution, Prof CC Szeto on minimal change disease, Prof Min CHEN (Beijing) on ANCA-associated vasculitis, Prof Priya ALEXANDER (Mayo Clinic) on complement-mediated glomerulonephritis and Prof Adrian LIEW (Singapore) on the use of biologics in GN. The closing remark was delivered by our Senior Advisor Prof Richard YU. I am happy to report to you that of the 30 evaluation forms (30% return rate) collected, 90% considered the program relevant to their work and held at the right time of year, and 96.7% found the duration appropriate and wanted another symposium of the kind in the future. Office bearers of the Society and Council Members Dr. Siu-ka MAK and Dr. Desmond YAP helped organize this symposium. Presentation materials were uploaded to the society website.

Renal Nursing Course: The Society continues to collaborate with the Institute of Advanced Nursing Studies (IANS), Hong Kong Kidney Foundation and Hong Kong Association of Renal Nurses to launch the Hong Kong Renal Nursing Course 2017-2018. Dr. CC CHOW and Dr. Sunny WONG represented the Society in the organizing committee. The theory course is from 6 October 2017 and will last till June 2018.

FMSHK Certificate Course in Renal Medicine: To promote and update renal education to healthcare professionals, the FMSHK Renal Certificate Course this year commenced on Thursday evenings from 7 September – 19 October 2017 (except 5 Oct). It comprised of 6 sessions with 12 lectures by 12 speakers. We are grateful to the organizer, Dr. Sunny WONG and the following members as the course speakers, Dr. SK YUEN, Dr. TL HO, Dr. CH TAM, Dr. SM WONG, Dr. KC HAU, Dr. Desmond YH YAP, Dr. Terence PS YIP, Dr. Joseph HS WONG, Dr. Gensy MW TONG, Dr. WF PANG and Dr. KF YIM. We are also grateful to the collaboration of Hong Kong Dietitians Association and their member Ms Cherry PY LAW as speaker. The registrations are full with 115 participants including doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

Richard Yu Endowment Fund: Set up in 2006 with a generous donation from Professor Richard YU, the Fund recognizes high-calibre clinicians and scientists to promote international experience sharing and to support meaningful research in renal medicine. This year, we are honored to have Prof David HARRIS, Professor of Medicine at The University of Sydney, Director of Nephrology and Dialysis in the Western Sydney Renal Service, and Director of the Renal Failure Laboratory in the Centre for Transplantation and Renal Research, Westmead Institute for Medical Research, to receive this award. He already gave a lecture at our CME course yesterday and will deliver his Award lecture today.

Chan Woon Cheug Memorial Fund: Set up in 2006 in remembrance of the late Dr Chan Woon Cheung, an academic pathologist, for his contributions to education, training and research in renal pathology through a generous donation from a foundation previously held in trust by Prof Richard YU and Dr. CH LEONG, the award this year goes to Prof Susan QUAGGIN Chief, Division of Nephrology/Hypertension, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago. Prof Quaggin already gave a lecture at our CME course yesterday and will deliver her Award lecture today.

Continuous Nursing Education Provider: Our Society first became an accredited CNE provider in 2007 and has continued to do so.  CNE application was prepared by Dr. SF CHEUNG, Ms Irene KONG, Ms Bonnie TAM and Ms YL TANG.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

In collaboration with the HA Central Renal Committee and the Hong Kong College of Physicians, the Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) for Renal Service in Hong Kong are in the process of being updated. An open forum conducted on the Sunday morning of 2 July 2017 at the Hospital Authority saw an overwhelming turnout of more than 350 clinicians, renal nurses and allied health professionals from both the public and private sectors who patiently listened to and actively engaged in discussions on the presentations embracing the topics of HD, PD, Renal Nursing Care, Infection Control, Transplantation, General Nephrology, Accreditation of Renal Dialysis Units and Renal Registry. The CPG is now being further sharpened and will be put on the websites of HKCP and HKSN for a final round of general consultation before being finalized and published as a supplement to Nephrology by early 2018.

Hong Kong Society of Nephrology Research Grant

To foster research activities among members, the HKSNRG is given out each year to a maximum of seven investigators, including 4 regular awards, 1 nursing award, 1 young investigator award and 1 joint  HKSN/HK Kidney Foundation (HKKF) award to the top scorer. Prof Christophe LEGENDRE (France), Prof Peter NICKERSON (Canada) served as our external reviewers and Dr. Sing-leung LUI and Dr. Kin-yee LO our local reviewers of the HKSN Research Grant 2017. Dr Siu-ka MAK is the coordinator this year. The recipients this year are:

Dissecting the anti-inflammatory properties of kallistatin in diabetic nephropathy (scored highest and thus to receive the joint HKSN/ HKKF Award, to presented by the HKKF President Dr. Siu Fai LUI)

Ms Cheryl TAM (QMH/HKU)
The role of regulatory T cells in lupus nephritis and the effect of sirolimus treatment

Urinary miRNA profile as the biomarker of IgA nephropathy

Investigating effects of nucleoside/tide analogues used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B infection on renal tubular epithelial cells

Dr Ping-kwan CHAN (AHNH)
Clinical trial on antibiotic lock in Tenckhoff catheter for relapsing and repeat peritonitis

Dr Desmond YH YAP (QMH/HKU)
Lymphocyte subsets abnormalities – the role on relapse and the effect of immunosuppressive treatments in minimal change nephropathy

Certificates will be presented on stage today and Congratulations to them all!

National and International Relationships

Chinese Medical Association: co-organized with the Hong Kong Medical Association a Nephrology symposium branded as the Beijing/Hong Kong Medical Exchange in which Dr CP HO chaired the planning task force. Prof Sydney TANG was invited to chair the Scientific Committee with a theme of Frontiers in Nephropathies and Transplantation. The following members gave talks in Wuhan on 13 Sep 2017: Dr. Simon CHEUNG, Dr. CP HO, Dr. William LEE, Dr. Desmond YAP, Prof CC SZETO and Prof Sydney TANG.

Chinese Society of Nephrology (CSN): invites members of the Society to attend and speak at their annual congress every year. This year, over 12,000 attendees were present at the Wuhan meeting from 13 – 16 Sep 2017 and Prof Philip LI, Prof Hui-yao LAN and Prof Sydney TANG were invited to give lectures. In addition, Dr. Yuk-lun CHENG, Dr. Siu-ka MAK, Dr. Hon-Lok TANG, Dr. Desmond YAP and two young fellows Dr. Christy AU and Dr. WP LAW were also invited to attend the Congress.

Asian pacific Society of Nephrology: Prof Philip LI serves as President, Prof CC Szeto as Treasurer, Prof TM CHAN and Prof Sydney TANG as Executive Members, and Dr. Siu-ka MAK as the HKSN Representative.

International Society of Nephrology: Prof TM CHAN serves as Council Member, Prof Philip LI as Member of the WKD Steering Committee, Prof Sydney TANG as Member of the Meetings Committee, and Prof TM CHAN, Prof Philip LI, Prof CC SZETO and Prof Sydney TANG as members of the North and East Asia Regional Board.

International Association of Chinese Nephrologists: Established in 2016 by Prof Philip LI who serves as President, Prof CC Szeto serves as Secretary, Dr. Koon-shing CHOI and Prof Sydney TANG serve as executive members.

Collective Memberships:
ISPD Collective Membership
The Society has negotiated with the ISPD for Collective Membership. Over 60% of our full members have joined the 2017 ISPD Collective Membership.

International Society of Nephrology (ISN) Corporate Membership
ISN full members are entitled to the Journal and online educational materials and reduced registration fees for the World Congress of Nephrology. Over 80% of our full members have joined the 2017 ISN Corporate Membership.


For the year 2016 - 2017, there were 61 regular sponsorships and one Young Nephrology Investigator Scholarship (YNIS), for members to attend various local renal course and overseas academic meetings. Members are reminded to follow the strict rules and guidelines for those sponsorships as delineated on our website. Sponsorships are handled by Dr. CC CHOW at


Current number of full members is 189 and associate members 651 (total 840).
Membership benefits (including, but not limited to, applications for Society grants and complimentary attendances to Society functions) may be affected for non-paid-up members. Any member who has not subscribed to the membership fees for three consecutive years will be removed from the membership list and need to re-apply to rejoin. Do send your update email address and/or corresponding address to Dr. Bonnie KWAN at

Society Home Page

The website is maintained by Dr. Desmond YAP and Dr. CY YUNG.  Communications to members are enhanced using blast mail announcements of society events, such as educational or patient-related activities.

Patient-related Activities

The Hong Kong Renal Patients’ Gateball Competition 2017 was co-organized by the Society, the Hong Kong Gateball Association and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. This annual event took place on 11 June 2017 at the Kowloon Park Indoor Sports Center. A total of 20 teams from various nephrology units (including teams from the Macau’s Renal Patients Association and the Hong Kong Transplant Sports Association) joined the competition, with over 180 participants including renal patients, health care workers and industrial partners alike. Dr. Wing Man KO, Secretary for Food and Health, officiated the opening ceremony. Dr. WL CHEUNG, Director (Cluster Services) and Dr. Linda YU, Chief Manager (Integrated Care Programs) from the Hospital Authority also joined in the friendly game and presented prizes to the winning teams. Dr. Desmond YAP and Dr. Terence YIP were the chief organizers of the competition. The results of the competition this year are as follows:

  Open Division Senior Division
Champion Kwong Wah Hospital United Christian Hospital/Tseung Kwan O Hospital
1st Runner-up Princess Margaret Hospital Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital
2nd Runner-up Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital
3rd Runner-up Queen Mary Hospital Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Promotion of Organ Donation

The HKSN has supported the following events:

In addition, a number of Council members are in the Organ Donation Action Group.

Public Education

World Kidney Day is an annual joint initiative between the International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of Kidney Foundation since 2006. The 12thWKD@HK was held on 5 Mar 2017 in Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre with the theme “Kidney Disease and Obesity” and attended by healthcare professionals, patients of most hospitals, industry representatives and many more. The event was co-organized with the Hong Kong Kidney Foundation, Hospital Authority and Department of Health. The Guest of Honor was Dr Wing Man KO. And the results of a health survey conducted in various public housing estates prior to the event were announced by other guests including Dr. CH LEONG, Prof Richard YU, Dr. PY LEUNG and Dr. Constance CHAN. A musical performance 「預防肥胖保腎康 ,做個健康快活人」 written and directed by Dr. TH KWAN and performed by council members and dieticians followed by a mass salsa dance led by Dr. SF LUI brought the event to a climax. Key messages were widely covered by the media.

The theme for WKD 2018 will be: Kidneys & Women’s Health: Include, Value, Empower. The date for the 13thWKD@HK is 4 Mar 2018.

Promotion of kidney health via the mass media: various Council members have written newspaper columns and attended media interviews broadcast on Radio Television HK (精靈一點), and other TV channels such as nowTV and Cable TV, on various aspects of kidney disease of interest to the general public.

Our Council members delivered health talks at the LKEC Health Exhibition and Public Forum on diabetic kidney disease on 29 – 30 Apr 2017.

May I take this opportunity to thank all Council Members and our Senior Advisor for their unflagging support and hard work over the past year in making these events successful.

Sydney Tang
Hong Kong Society of Nephrology

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